When a child is diagnosed with something as serious as cancer or a blood disorder, the entire family is affected.

At Roswell Park, our pediatric psychosocial team works in tandem with our talented clinical team to offer not only excellent medical care, but also the crucial emotional and psychological support needed by each member of the family.

The Courage of Carly Fund enables Roswell Park to provide a number of family-centered diversionary and psychosocial support programs, including:

Diversionary Support

  • Programs for Patients and Families
    Courage of Carly Fund offers year-round social support programs that help with the emotional and social needs of Roswell Park’s youngest patients. Events are held on a monthly basis, include the patient’s siblings and parents and are completely free to families, thanks to donations to Courage of Carly Fund. Our fun events have included Game Night at Dave & Buster’s, paint night at Painting with a Twist and our annual Holiday Party hosted at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.
  • Special Events
    We are fortunate to partner with our local sports organizations including the Sabres, Bandits, Bills and Bisons, as well as companies that help provide our families with the chance to see their favorite sports team play. Tickets to concerts and theatre productions are also offered to our patients and families to allow them an entertaining time of respite together.
  • Meaningful Moments
    We offer support to patients who need an extra “boost,” whether it’s a special experience, item or family necessity, and assist in facilitating a meaningful moment to help spark a drive to keep pushing forward and continue fighting. 
  • End of Treatment Celebrations
    Our favorite celebration! Patients receive a personalized cookie cake, balloons and a gift card to mark this milestone. To make this momentous occasion extra fun, the patient receives a silly string attack from our pediatric team!
  • Patient Comfort Bags
    A Courage of Carly backpack is provided to each new patient upon diagnosis with a Courage of Carly t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat and other items and amenities.
  • Festive Activities and Pizza Night
    From candygrams for Valentine’s Day to green bagels and pots o’ gold for St. Patrick’s Day and spooky goblin crafts for Halloween, we help bring the celebration to our patients so that they don’t have to miss out on festive activities. Sometimes, we’ll order pizza and wings just for the fun of it!

Psychosocial Support

  • Beads of Courage
    The Courage of Carly Fund sponsors this national arts-in-medicine program at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center as an official Beads of Courage member hospital. The program is designed to support and strengthen children and families coping with serious illness. Through the program, children tell their story using colored beads as meaningful symbols of courage which commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment paths. For more information about this program visit beadsofcourage.org.
  • Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program
    The Courage of Carly Fund sponsors this national therapeutic play program at Roswell Park as an official Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program hospital affiliate. Chemo ducks help introduce children and families to their cancer journey and encourage healing, decrease anxiety and ease stress through the power of play therapy. For more information about this program visit chemoduck.org.
  • School Outreach Program
    This is a way to help a young cancer patient ease the transition of their return to school. Roswell Park professionals such as a nurse, social worker or child psychologist visit the child’s school or classroom to help faculty and students understand the patient’s challenges.
  • Survivorship Guidebook
    Individually tailored resource book provided to each patient and family at the end of primary treatment that includes resources for expected long-term side effects, comprehensive medication/treatment list for future reference with other specialists in order to more quickly diagnose and monitor secondary conditions and information to help transition to survivorship.