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When 8-year-old Carly Collard Cottone was diagnosed with brain cancer, she knew she could make a difference. She was up against something tough, but it was a challenge she faced with courage and optimism.

Although Carly was only on this earth a short time, her legacy continues today. Because of Carly, children facing cancer and blood disorders have a fighting chance through the Courage of Carly Fund at Roswell Park. Providing everything from unforgettable memories and family events to financial support, donations allow the Courage of Carly Fund to offer hope and a little bit of extra happiness to children, teens and their families.

Carly was so appreciative of the support she received from others while in treatment that she wanted to give back to help other kids like her. So she started Carly’s Club at Roswell Park.

2020 Courage of Carly Fund

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