Coping Through COVID-19: Tips and Tricks on How to Handle This New Normal With Your Child

Coronavirus has required all of us to pause and change our lives. These changes have been necessary for our health, the safety of those at risk, and our children. While these changes are good, many of us are finding it hard to cope, especially children and teenagers.   Our pediatric team is here for your family.  We’ve come up with some tips for coping together with your child through this very difficult time.

If you or your child are feeling anxious, worried, frustrated, sad, or even angry, that’s okay! It’s more important than ever to acknowledge what you’re feeling and that your emotions are valid. Times are tough and it is only natural to have an emotional response to such an abrupt change in our way of life. Reimagining your daily routine is vital to maintaining a sense of normalcy. As your child develops, they need a routine to help their mind and body to know what to expect.

Loving yourself, and taking the time to give yourself care, is a great technique to coping through COVID-19. Give yourself grace, be gentle to yourself and your family, because this is new to all of us. Make the time for activities you and your family enjoy doing together. For example, blowing bubbles to a deep breath, decorating masks, and enjoying “tech time” together can unite your family and make your team even stronger.

For even more tips, make sure to download the below coping tips or reach out to a member of our psychological team with any questions or concerns you may have. We are all in this together, and we will get through this.

Coping Through COVID-19 with Your Infant



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