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Pediatric patient sits in pediatric clinic lobby with her IV stand. She is holding a Courage of Carly frame that says "Warrior" and "Giving every child a fighting chance."

The Courage of Carly Fund gives children with cancer and blood disorders at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center the fighting chance they all deserve. Providing everything from unforgettable memories and family events to financial support, we offer hope and a little bit of extra happiness to children, teens and their families. This work would not be possible without the tireless support of our generous partners, donors and friends.

Offering Support to the Whole Family

When a child is diagnosed with something as serious as cancer or a blood disorder, the entire family is affected. At Roswell Park, our pediatric psychosocial team works in tandem with the Cancer Center’s talented clinical team to offer not only excellent medical care, but also the crucial emotional and psychological support needed by each member of the family. The Courage of Carly Fund enables Roswell Park to provide a number of support programs, including:

  • family counseling
  • therapeutic play programs
  • in-room/clinic visitation
  • educational advocacy
  • family-centered events
  • family comfort packages

Funding Research and Seeking Cures

Donations to the Courage of Carly Fund allow Roswell Park scientists to develop and explore promising new research projects that could impact the lives of children with cancer and blood disorders. For instance, seed funding has been awarded to research projects aiming to:

  • identify genetic determinants of treatment-related toxicities and outcomes for patients with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
  • improve the survival rate of patients with pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma through a new therapeutic intervention.
  • determine if specific genetic mutations cause the spread of synovial sarcoma, one of the most common solid tumors in children, adolescents and young adults.

Building Courage through Partnerships

Community donations and partnerships have played a critical role in providing psychosocial and diversionary programs for pediatric patients,and the programs also engage siblings and parents. Some of these programs include:

Special Events
  • We host free monthly programs for patients and their families. Some of our fun events have included game night at Dave & Buster’s, paint night at Painting with a Twist and trips to the Buffalo Zoo, plus events just meant for teens like our Teen Prom. Also, partnerships with local sports teams and companies allow us to provide tickets to games, events and concerts that give our families time for entertainment and a respite together.
Meaningful Moments
  • We offer support to patients who need an extra boost — whether it’s a special experience, item or family necessity — to spark their drive to keep pushing forward and continue fighting.
Beads of Courage
  • This national program allows children to tell their story using colored beads as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment paths.
End-of-Treatment Celebrations & Survivorship Guide Book
  • Our favorite celebration! Patients receive a personalized cookie cake, balloons and a gift card to mark this milestone. We also provide a comprehensive resource book to patients and their families to help them maintain and monitor their health as they transition.

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