Pediatric Cancer Research at Roswell Park

Childhood cancer treatments and survival rates have improved significantly in recent years. Clinical trials are a key reason why we can say that we now cure more than 75 percent of children with cancer.

Here are a few of the clinical trials currently being conducted in pediatric cancer research at Roswell Park as part of our mission to understand, prevent and cure cancer.

Oral Chemotherapy Treatments

This study will look at adherence to oral chemotherapy for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). We know from previous research that missing chemotherapy doses more than 10 percent of the time is a leading risk factor for relapse. Many ALL patients are on oral chemotherapy for more than two years, so it’s understandable that they may miss doses — but we want to reduce the number.

In this study, our researchers will look at parent and caregiver compliance in oral chemo treatments. Special medicine bottle caps will track dosages while we also investigate health literacy and social connectedness to see if compliance is stronger when parents and caregivers have a network of support. Donations to Roswell Park are making this study possible.

Immunotherapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma

This trial for pediatric and young adult patients will be the first of its kind in many ways. Dr. Kara Kelly, Chair of Pediatric Oncology, collaborated with the Children’s Oncology Group and EuroNet to launch the study, which will be the first transatlantic immunotherapy trial for pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma. Only a handful of sites will offer this, putting Roswell Park at the forefront of some exciting research. This is the first pediatric immunotherapy study looking at checkpoint inhibitors.

Reducing Treatment-related Toxicities for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia patients

In collaboration with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, we are running a trial aimed at improving treatment for ALL, the most common type of cancer in children. We are one of only seven sites in Canada and the United States to offer the study. Historically, we have classified patients into two or three main groups and treated them accordingly. Now we are trying to categorize patients’ risk of relapse based on biological markers, so we can provide more personalized treatments.


Your donations to the Courage of Carly Fund will allow us to begin more new research projects like these. Support pediatric cancer research initiatives at Roswell Park now by donating here.


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